Monday 22 September 2014

Presentations at the EES Conference

For your diaries in early October:
The findings of our review will be presented at the 11th Biennial Conference of the European Evaluation Society (EES) at two occasions:

  • The session facilitated by Zoe Stephenson (DFID) "Effective evaluation of violence against women and children" on Thursday 2 October at 9h45 at the venue called Wicklow, Meeting Room 2b. Panelists will include Sally Neville (UK), Alexandra Chambel and Krishna Belbase (both USA), as well as Michaela Raab.
  • On Wednesday 1 October at 2pm (14h), Michaela will present a poster summarising our review findings. All poster sessions will happen from 14h to 14h45; you will find Michaela in Poster area Liffey A. For those with no or little time to spend near our poster, 2-page leaflets to take away will be available in the poster area. A few small tweaks in the decision tree visualising our findings have made it more user-friendly than ever before - so even if you have read our report, come and take a look! If you can't make it to Dublin, feel free to download the leaflet here.

Michaela has also volunteered to chair a totally different session. She has been assigned the session S097 - "Evaluation at local level", which will include Dries Verlet (Belgium), Fation Luli (Albania), Melanie Kitchener (UK) and Ludger Niemann (Netherlands). You can find us on Friday 3 October at 2pm in Wicklow.

If you wish to find out more about our review, please have a look at the documentation on this blog (in particular "Welcome to our blog" on the right-hand column). Michaela would be delighted to meet you at one of the sessions above. You can also contact us via the addresses you find on our reports.

Unfortunately the QCA experts on our review team, Wolfgang Stuppert and Julian Br├╝ckner, cannot make it to the EES conference this year. But you will find several papers and sessions on QCA in the conference programme. For instance, Barbara Befani will speak about "Applying QCA to real life evaluations: potential and pitfalls" as part of the session S082 "Enhancing Evaluation Practice" on 3 October at 11h45.

The full conference programme is available in the form of a huge table. The list of poster sessions is separate from the conference programme; find it via this link.

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