Wednesday 26 March 2014

Inception report ready for sharing

The inception report, which summarises our review methodology, is finally ready for wider dissemination. You can download it by clicking on THIS LINK. It is a large file of some 1.9MB. 

Due to some technical complication that we do not want to explore in detail, some text magically disappears when you try to read the report in your browser. (For instance, in Firefox our response to the points raised by SEQUAS disappear.) So: if you wish to read the report, do not try to read it in your browser - rather click on "download" and use Adobe Reader to make sure you get the full text.

The annexes to the report include the tools we have used so far (coding instructions, survey questions and interview guides), as well as documentation on our initial dialogue with the External Reference Group, and with the Specialised Evaluation and Quality Assurance Service (SEQUAS). We will post more updates in the coming weeks.

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