Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Final report planned for June 2014!

We have received a few queries as to when our final report will be available. The plan is to complete it by/ in June 2014. It will include our findings from Qualitative Comparative Analysis and Process Tracing, as well as short descriptions of 15-20 evaluation approaches and designs that we have found effective or promising. 
Furthermore, we will produce a couple of papers:
  • A paper summarising our findings for development and evaluation practitioners.
  • A more academic, peer-reviewed article that will explain our review methodology, in particular the use of QCA in this study. Peer review means that it'll probably take until 2015 or even 2016 until the article is published.
  • We will also post summaries of our findings and of key steps in our research on this blog. It has been a bit quiet in recent weeks because we wanted to complete our dialogue with the external reference group that accompanies the review before sharing the details we explain in our Inception Report (see post above).
We are still looking for suitable international events in late May or in June to present our findings. If any interesting events come to your mind, please let us know!

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