Thursday, 30 January 2014

Helpful comments

A few comments have been posted on our blog. Apologies we are a bit slow with our reaction: We have been so absorbed by our hunt for contact details (see earlier post) and the launch of our survey with evaluation stakeholders - that we sort of lost sight of the useful comments which have appeared.

Rick Davies has shared a reference – thank you! – and directed us to an interesting blog posting on the question whether evaluations must fulfil certain quality standards to produce positive effects. The comments appear when you click on the titles “Inception” and “Evaluations identified for the first coding round” below.

Carol Miller (under “Soon to come: QCA conditions”) hopes we will look at evaluation processes in terms of how they contribute to empowerment of key stakeholders. Empowerment of stakeholders is indeed among the effects we intend to measure. By the way, our model for QCA will be published here - on this blog - with our final inception report, by March 2014. A couple of updates will be posted before that date.

One caveat: this project is not a huge piece of original research – it is a review of evaluation reports that is enriched by some primary data collection on evaluation effects, chiefly through a short web-based survey with four types of evaluation stakeholders – evaluators, people who commission evaluations, people who have implemented the interventions evaluated, and representatives of organisations that have funded the interventions. (We realise these categories sometimes overlap.) So, we won’t go into the fine detail of every possible evaluation effect. But we are confident we can find some interesting contours.

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