Thursday, 23 January 2014

Message from DfID to the survey participants

This week we have sent out our web-based survey. Our DFID counterparts, Zoe Stephenson and Clare McCrum, are sharing this message, to encourage prospective respondents to respond to our request to engage with the survey:

This piece of work is a review of VAWG evaluations, commissioned by DFID’s Evaluation Department.  It’s a really interesting piece of work exploring what makes evaluations effective/influential. The consultants have identified about 70 VAWG evaluations to explore and they will be using QCA (Qualitative Comparative Analysis) and process tracing to explore the factors that influence whether the evaluations were used/useful.  Doing this depends on seeking the views of some key stakeholders who were involved in the evaluations – ideally the commissioner, the evaluator and someone involved with the programme’s implementation.

The work is funded by DFID and the engagement of those who have received the survey would be greatly appreciated by us. It is important for a large number of persons to participate in the survey - otherwise we may have to remove some evaluations from the set that the researchers work on and that would be a shame. The larger the set the better!

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