Saturday, 4 January 2014

Meet the coders

We are delighted to announce that we have found highly qualified coders: Miruna Bucurescu, Scout Burghardt, Sanja Kruse, Astrid Matten and Paula Pustulka. 

Astrid Matten holds a  Master's degree in Political Sciences, Sociology  and Social Politics from the University of Göttingen. Her research  focuses on migration, state borders and gender issues.

With a background in development studies, Miruna Bucurescu is a polyglot with expertise in women, peace and security. Since 2011 she has worked as an independent researcher focusing on social science statistics and evaluation.

Paula Pustulka is a sociologist, involved mostly in qualitative research projects in the fields of gender and migration studies. 

Sanja Kruse is a sociology graduate with a wide range of practical experiences in research and international cooperation, particularly related to employment, education and gender issues.

Scout Burghardt has a degree in Gender Studies and European Ethnology. She participated in the 2-year research project “Samenbanken – Samenspender” on reproductive technologies at Humboldt University Berlin.

For some reason, our provider refuses to upload the photographs that come with the text. You'll find them here as soon as it works again!

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