Monday 21 July 2014

Dataset available now!

At the early stages of our review we promised we would share the QCA dataset. We – Michaela Raab and Wolfgang Stuppert – hold the intellectual property rights to the information we have generated. Our DFID counterparts would like the data to be freely accessible for people wanting to explore it, replicate our analysis or do further analysis – and so do we.

We have anonymised the dataset so that users cannot track any data to any specific evaluations. (This is to protect the confidentiality of the survey and interview responses we have received, and because some of the evaluations we have analysed are unpublished.) The full dataset is available via this link. It contains values for the seven conditions we have used in QCA, for the different types of evaluation effects and the aggregated effects, as well as a case indicator variable which only contains numbers.

If you wish to use the data and publish anything that uses the data, please acknowledge DFID’s funding of the original data collection, and Michaela Raab and Wolf Stuppert as the researchers who have generated it.

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