Thursday 3 July 2014

Presentation of our findings and recommendations

On Tuesday 1 July, the two of us - Michaela Raab and Wolf Stuppert - presented our review findings and recommendations at the DFID office in Whitehall, London. Many thanks to everyone who attended and who contributed useful questions and insights. Within the next couple of weeks, we will summarise a few points that we have found particularly interesting in the discussion, and share them here.

We will present our findings again at the European Evaluation Society Conference in Dublin, 1-3 October 2014, in one dedicated session and a separate poster presentation. Furthermore, we'll produce:

  • a 2-pager summarising what our findings mean to commissioners of evaluations
  • a short article on approaches and methods in evaluating VAWG
  • and a more scholarly article as to how we have used QCA and presented our findings to a lay audience. 

The articles will be submitted to peer-reviewed journals, so it'll take some time before they are published. But the 2-pager will be made accessible on this blog as soon as it is ready.

The full review report is about to be published on the DFID R4D website; we'll provide the link when we have it. 

Please feel free to share your comments on this blog.

Renewed thanks for everyone who has contributed ideas, information, questions and precious time to this Review!

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